Welcome to the blog of Shuto Karate Club – Sellersville, PA. We are just getting our website up and running, and going forward these posts will share news of our club and describe its teaching philosophy and methods. We will also make observations about the wider martial arts world, both present and historical.

Our club endeavors to preserve and convey the philosophies and techniques of our karate “forefathers:” Okinawans Matsumura, Itosu, and Funakoshi, as well as Louis Rabouin, the founder of Shuto Karate Club. We continue to get instruction from our teachers in our sister Shuto clubs in Skippack and Kutztown, PA: Masters Larry Flournoy and Robert Trotta, respectively. We also learn from other experts in the field of self-protection as applied to modern, Western societies (as opposed to feudal Okinawa or 20th century Japan!), such as Rory Miller, Iain Abernethy, and Tony Blauer. It’s a big world out there and there are a lot of great sources.

I hope members, their families, and visitors alike will stop back here and see what’s brewing in our club. And if IRL you find yourself in or near the small borough of Sellersville, stop in for a chat and to have a look at what we do.

Also, have a look at our YouTube channel.