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We teach traditional Japanese Shotokan karate and adapt it for today’s self-protection needs, combining customary dojo practices and modern training methods. Our children’s and adults’ classes emphasize mentoring and are tailored to the needs of each student. We also offer seminars and private lessons.

One of the most striking features of karate is that it may be engaged in by anybody, young or old, strong or weak, male or female.
 Gichin Funakoshi, “Father of Modern Karate”

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The instructor makes students and their families feel very welcomed. He creates a very inclusive environment. Visitors/guests are always treated as if they are members. There is only encouragement and praise for the students. Each student works at his/her pace and they feel excited to master next steps in their training without being pushed. This approach has worked very well for our son. Our instructor is very personal and knows and understands his students very well. The communication is excellent. We receive continuous updates and advancement  opportunities for our child and valuable resources to learn more about karate history and present-day techniques and rules. It is a very well run, professional karate club.

Tina Corrado, parent

I trained here for 6 years and I honestly loved every part of it! I’ve never experienced another club like Shuto Karate; they have such an incredible sense of community and they are extremely welcome to everyone who walks through their door. The instructors hold you to a standard that really helps to improve your skill and teach you more each week, and you are surrounded by teachers and students who are truly dedicated to Karate. It is so refreshing to see such a passion for the legacy of Karate and the usefulness of the self-defense you learn. What really attracted me about the club is how they taught not only how to improve your physical strength, but also your inner strength. They taught Karate as a way of life and I discovered many important life lessons by training there. I have met some of my very best friends at the club, and so I highly recommend Shuto Karate Club to anybody who is interested in learning self-defense in an incomparable community, no matter your age or experience.

Kirk Tvenstrup, former student

Our daughter has been going to Shuto Karate Club of Sellersville for two and half years and we are extremely happy with her training in Shotokan Karate under Sensei Michael. We would recommend this Karate club and the instructor to everyone.

Dipen Khant, parent

I took adult classes through Shuto Karate Club for many years, and my three sons participated in the children’s program as well. We found that it was a family-oriented dojo that helped our boys develop character traits such as self-control and respect while also learning traditional Japanese karate. They progressed all the way to junior black belt in the program. I also benefited greatly from the practical and patient instruction of the sensei’s and have gone on to achieve my black belt myself.

Brian Tvenstrup, former parent & student

This is a club that’s about quality instruction and the development of the person. Students (kids and adults) are welcomed immediately. The staff are sincere in their desire to see students come to know, appreciate, and excel in this sport. It’s like a big family — no one is just a number. I’m thankful that we have been involved with this club for 8+ years. My kids have benefited from the expertise and kindness shown here.

Meenu Hoffman, parent

My karate journey with the Shuto Karate club has been very special.
The combination of having the best instruction along with the best environment made me successful.
We all learn from each other, respect each other and encourage each other.
It was very exciting and humbling to earn my black belt and the title of Sensei.
I now look for every opportunity to give back to the dojo and the other students.

Tim Donnelly, Sensei

I trained at this school for almost a full decade when I was younger. I enjoyed my experience wholeheartedly. Shuto Karate Club places an emphasis on the lifelong practice and application of karate. The sensei’s at Shuto Karate Club encourage students young and old to pursue excellence in their training, which I appreciate. The adherence to traditional Shotokan karate during my time at the dojo was a form of structure which made learning karate as a younger person much more enjoyable. I would recommend Shuto Karate Club to anyone who wants to develop a skill and lifestyle choice that will benefit them for the rest of their life.

Leif Tvenstrup, former student

My sons began Karate this year (2018). It’s one of the best decisions they have made. Nobody gets handed a trophy for showing up. What they are handed is hands-on education, accountability toward development and an option to earn “trophies” (colored belts). At the ages of 7 and 5, through Karate, they are learning how to strive hard to achieve. They are learning how to take criticism and do something with it. As someone who only played ball sports, I now fully realize how martial arts could have complemented and enhanced my other interests. Most likely it does matter, however, where you learn karate and whom you learn it from. The dedication to the student here at the Shuto Karate Club is world-class. I look forward to my boys continuing to develop, in ways that take them much beyond the color of their belt! Thank you, Shuto Karate Club. Keep up the great work!

Jon Murray, parent

A great way to work out for both mind and body. The traditional Japanese aspects help build discipline and focus, while the newer self-defense aspects are practical and help build physical endurance. I had previously gone to other karate schools, but Shuto Karate is definitely a step up in terms of traditional knowledge and class structure.

Kaitlyn Moran, student

Karate challenges physical endurance and mental fortitude. My son has learned to control body and breathing while performing kata and drills. He also enjoys the social aspect of kids’ class. I began studying a few months after he did because I was so intrigued by the philosophy of self-defense and the history of the art form. It’s wonderfully addictive.

Susan Pirello, student & parent

My son has been a student since September 2012 and has earned his Jr. Black Belt. The club philosophy and authenticity are second to none. The senseis are patient and knowledgeable, and the training is adaptive across varied skill levels.

Alan Gochin, parent


Our Instructors

Michael Lapreziosa

Michael Lapreziosa

Head Instructor and Club Owner, Sellersville Dojo

Michael Lapreziosa holds a teacher’s certificate and a 4th degree Black Belt (Yon dan) in the American Self Defense Karate Association and Shuto Karate Club. He began training with Shuto Karate Club under Master Robert Trotta in July 2009. In July 2017, Master Trotta’s club moved from Hatfield to its present location in Sellersville, and in April 2018, Mr. Lapreziosa…

Lou Delgiudice

Lou Delgiudice

Instructor, Sellersville Dojo

Mr. Delguidice began his training in Shotokan karate at the age of 8 in Brooklyn, NY. He obtained the rank of Shodan (1st degree Black Belt) as a teenager. Unfortunately, as too often happens, college, graduate school, and life became hectic, causing a twenty-year gap in his training. Lou then found Shuto Karate Club and returned to karate training in…

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