Private Lessons

We offer private, small-group lessons in any area of our training programs. These include karate, self-protection, and increasing strength/flexibility. We also are able to support select special-needs students. In certain cases, we may also provide individual lessons.

Michael Lapreziosa

Michael Lapreziosa

Head Instructor and Club Owner, Sellersville Dojo

Michael Lapreziosa holds a teacher’s certificate and a 4th degree Black Belt (Yon dan) in the American Self Defense Karate Association and Shuto Karate Club. He began training with Shuto Karate Club under Master Robert Trotta in July 2009. In July 2017, Master Trotta’s club moved from Hatfield to its present location in Sellersville, and in April 2018, Mr. Lapreziosa…

Contact Lapreziosa Sensei to discuss or schedule group or individual private lessons.