We performed for the second year in a row at the annual Pennridge Gallery of the Arts on Sunday afternoon, September 15. The weather was a little better than last year — it was warm and quite bright, but the humidity was low. Still, we did the whole thing directly under the late-summer afternoon sun.

I was very pleased with and proud of everyone’s performance. Our preparation paid off well. It was a lot of fun practicing for it as well as actually performing it. After the show was over, we were invited back next year to perform again. Set your calendar for September 14!

Thanks to my son Allen for shooting the whole event. Below are just a representative few of the photos he took.

DelGuidice Sensei and Ed — Tekki 1 flow drill


Josh jumping over Kae sandwich


Ethan jumps 5


Relaxing before the demonstration


Sue teaching a “newbie” Bassai Dai


Kaelynn breaks a board


Randoori — evading 3 attackers


1-attack sparring, Eric’s finishing punch


DelGuidice Sensei set to break patio stone


Josh breaks board with roundhouse elbow strike


Josh demonstrating self-defense v. a knife


Sensei and returning student Evan


Praachi demonstrating Jo deflect and strike


Ethan breaks 2 boards


Derek breaks the black board


Eddie shows the Kanku Sho 360 jump


Group Enpi kata